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The ONLY OLSAT Prep and Review Book created by a Pediatrician

Edward Kulich MD FAAP

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Dr Kulich

As an Ivy League Educated Board Certified Pediatrician, I know the value a good education, and how important standardized testing is for private school admissions, and for programs like New York City’s Gifted and Talented program.

When my son was in pre-k, I found all the NNAT-2 (Naglierii Nonverbal Ability Test) practice questions I could find, in print and online, and my son went through it in a manner of days. Each NNAT question book was over $50 and was finished in a matter of minutes. Out of frustration, I began writing my own questions for my son. I tailored them towards his strengths and weaknesses. I provided these questions to our friends kids to help them prepare and to my patients as well. Now, I want to provide them to you.  My book provides more high quality questions than any other book on the market, and at a fraction of the price.

PS- My son passed the Gifted and Talented Test and was admitted into the gifted and talented program.

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Edward Kulich MD FAAP. Founder of KidsHousecalls.com and BabySleepDoctor.com